Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kid Giveaways!

No... I'm not giving away kids, I'm just letting you know about all the fun giveaways that are going on right now that have fun things for your kids!

Erudition Game- This is a new game that has come out that takes kids and adults through a fun trip through literacy land. Kids will have so much fun actively playing this game that will also teach them sight words and sound recognition. I would love to have this game for TJ when he starts reading. What a fun way to teach and also get the family together for a fun night of games. Go to Dad's Blog and check out this giveaway. Giveaway ends July 10.

I Spy A to Z- Book of Picture Riddles- If you haven't ever read an I Spy book then you're missing out on a lot of fun! The pictures are amazing and really make this alphabet book come alive. Your kids will use their imaginations, increase their vocabulary skills, and give them something fun (and educational) to do on those long summer days. There are 5 awards given with this giveaway. The Grand Prize winner gets; Wii Video Game 'Ultimate I Spy', Board Game 'I Spy Memory Game', I Spy A to Z: A Book of Picture Riddles, and I Spy Treasure Hunt. Four Runner-up winners will receive a copy of the new book- I Spy A to Z: A Book of Picture Riddles. Go over to 3 Kids and Us and enter to win today- your kids (and probably your husband) will thankyou! Giveaway ends on July 14.

Nintendo Wii Games- You can win either Wii Pikmin or Wii Mario Power Tennis. Fun games and hours of clean fun entertainment for your kids. Go to Mommy Mandy to sign up today. Giveaway ends on June 24.

Skyrail Marble Roller Coaster- This is a 150-piece construction set that features 27 feet of glow-in-the-dark track. The tracks snap together and are flexible so you can make all sorts of different designs. Fun for any kid or grown-up who still likes being a kid. Go to The Funky Monkey and sign up to win your own Marble Roller Coaster. Giveaway ends on June 27.

Skitter Ride-on Toy Car- These fun riding toys are wonderful for all ages from 18-months to 81-years! No more buying a new ride for your kid every year. They can start on a skitter while they're little and grow up with it while still having fun every day! The kids push off with their feet, while turning the steering wheel handle, which gives them more power to go forward. Go to Mommy Goggles to enter this giveaway which ends on July 5.

Look for more fun kid giveaways on the Giveaway links on the left side bar.

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