Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maternity Tops to Die For!

Ok, one thing that is hard about being pregnant (no I'm not yet... give it time) is finding CUTE maternity clothes that are also a good price AND comfortable! Well, I just found this giveaway for a maternity top from Milan Maternity and I LOVE THEM ALL!!! I got so excited looking at all the cute tops and basics that I couldn't decide which was my favorite to enter the giveaway! I think I love them so much because they totally remind me of my favorite clothes store, Shade Clothing, which has modest, cute, and comfortable clothes. Looking at all their fun maternity tops made me want to be pregnant again (even more than I already want to be). Go check out the giveaway on A Mom's Balancing Act and sign up to win your own maternity top! Can you tell how excited I am that I found this company!?! Anyway, the giveaway ends on August 19 so good luck!

1 comment:

  1. these are soo cute I agree !!! I blogged about, pretty much word for word. I wish these were around when i was preggo, but i entered too. GOOD LUCK :)