Thursday, August 6, 2009

Perfect Hide-a-key

I'm always in fear of locking myself out of my house- especially when I take the dog out and my son is still in the house!! I've had two neighbors, in the last week, lock themselves out of their apartments! The one time we did it (in this apartment) we took off the screen and climbed through the window (but I really should keep the windows locked too!).

Anyway, here is the PERFECT hide-a-key option. It's called RocLock and it's just as it sounds- a rock that you put your key in (and have your own code for that you can change when you need to). It looks just like any other rock and is a good weight to hold it down. I'm not quite sure why it needs to be bulletproof, but it really seems wonderful and so much safer. I really want one, and that's why I thought I'd tell you about the giveaway on My Mom's View. Check it out and good luck!

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