Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So... How Come Nobody Ever Told Me?

I recently received an interesting e-mail that was all about the amazing benefits of dryer sheets. Apparently they are the best thing since sliced bread and applesauce, so how come nobody ever told me? I've always thought that dryer sheets were only for sticking in the dryer (when you remember) and then falling out as you retrieve your clothes only to end up on your bathroom floor to get stepped on or stuck in your pants to give you a nice surprise when you put them on! Little did I know that I should be using dryer sheets in every room of my house, my car, in my clothes (on purpose), in the yard, and in my sink!

Anyway, I'm not sure how many of these I actually believe, but I think I'm going to try a bunch out just to see. (I still think this might be a conspiracy from the Bounce company to sell more dryer sheets, but oh well). Have you tried any? What works and doesn't work for you?

1. It will chase ants away when you lay a sheet near them. It also repels mice. (Yeah right! I tried this with the nasty ants in our kitchen yesterday and they walked all over it... the best thing was to spray the little buggers.)

2. Spread sheets around foundation areas, or in trailers, or cars that are sitting and it keeps mice from entering your vehicle. (Can't say I've ever had mice in my car...)

3. It takes the odor out of old books and photo albums. (Mmm... I love the smell of old books!)

4. It repels mosquitoes. Keep a sheet in your pocket or belt loop. (I tried this, and I'm not sure if it worked since I still got bit, but I think I got bit less than I would have otherwise).

5. Eliminate static electricity from your tv or computer screen. (well, it eliminated the dust on my tv, I'm not sure about the static)

6. Clean shower doors with a sheet to dissolve soap scum. (I have a shower curtain, will that work?)

7. Put a sheet in your vacuum cleaner. (I assume that means the bag- I'll be trying this since our vacuum smells like vomit- don't ask because I don't know why!)

8. Freshen your car by putting a sheet under you car seat. (Ok, I can see how that would work- I'll try as soon as I remember to bring a dryer sheet to the ar).

9. Put a sheet in your luggage before storing to prevent musty suitcases.

10. Clean baked-on foods from a cooking pan. Put a sheet in a pan, fill with water, let sit overnight, and sponge clean. The anti-static agent apparently weakens the bond between food and the pan. (Hmm... I've found that DISH SOAP does the same thing, but what do I know).

11. Put a sheet in your pocket to keep bees/yellow jackets away.

12. Deodorize shoes or sneakers by placing a sheet in them overnight. (Worth a try for any stinky shoe).

13. Wipe up sawdust from drilling or sand papering. A used sheet of Bounce will collect sawdust like a tack cloth. (next time I get out the drill I'll let you know)

14. Collect cat hair. Rubbing the area with a sheet will magnetically attract all the loose hair. (Getting rid of the cat can work too...)

Well, there are more, but you get the idea. If you happen to try any out let me know. Maybe I'm too cynical for my own good, but maybe I just feel silly for actually throwing away these magical little dryer sheets.

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  1. You can also sew a bunch together and make a dryer sheet quilt. No need to shower in the morning because you smell like a mountain meadow. Or how about dryer sheet soup!? No more stinky onions just freshness all the way down. I've also found they repel bigfoot. I keep a dryer sheet in my pocket everytime I go hiking and I haven't been attacked yet!