Friday, December 9, 2011

Make Your Own Gingerbread House

Making your own gingerbread house is a very fun thing to do as a family and SO much better (tasting, fitting, looking) than any kit I've ever tried.  I got most of my instructions for building the house and the gingerbread/frosting recipe here.

Here's how we did it:
First we made the gingerbread and rolled it out on parchment paper.
I then cut out some shapes in card stock and we cut them out with a plastic knife.  You can get the patterns on the website or just cut your own like we did as long as they fit together with paper they'll fit together when they are cooked. Don't push down too hard on the card stock because it'll stick to the gingerbread.
 Then cut out the shapes with scissors and place them right on the cookie sheet.  It makes it SO easy and you don't have to pull off the gingerbread from the paper.  Once you cook it they come right off!
 With any extra gingerbread you can make some cookies- people or dogs as we did:)
 Once the gingerbread is cooked you then wait for it to cool and get a bunch of your favorite candies and you're ready to decorate!
 Peel the paper off the pieces and trim any extra edges.
 Make some royal icing (it takes a while, but is very strong) and start putting the house together- it's usually good to have two people for this job.
 We used a freezer bag with a hole in the edge to pipe the frosting and had fun putting candy on all of it!
 A fun holiday tradition and actually pretty easy... just a little time-consuming.
 Have fun and good luck!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things to do with Kids in Salt Lake City

I've wanted to make this list for a while now, for myself and for others looking for fun things to do with kids while you are in Salt Lake City (or in the surrounding areas).

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum
Tracy Aviary
Living Planet Aquarium
Hogle Zoo
Wheeler Historic Farm
Raging Waters
Utah Museum of Natural History
Paintball Planet
FastKart's Indoor Track
Desert Star Playhouse
Pioneer Memorial Theater
South Towne Mall- carousel and train rides
Heber Valley Railroad- Heber City
Hill Aerospace Museum
Salt Lake Bees Baseball
Utah Jazz Basketball
Salt Lake Real Soccer
Utah Blaze Football
Utah Grizzlies Hockey
Alpine Slide- Park City
Dimple Dell Splash and Swim Pools
Golf in a Round
Hollywood Connection
Laser Quest
Little Miner's Park- Park City
Antelope Island State Park
Red Butte Garden
Gallivan Center Ice Rink
Dinosaur Park- Ogden
This is the Place Park
Salt Lake City Sports Complex
The Children's Theatre
Kennecott Copper Mine
Salt Lake County Equestrian Park
Timpanogas Cave
Redwood Drive-in Movie and Swap Meet
Color Me Mine

Liberty Park
Gateway Mall Fountains
Clark Planetarium (pay for lazer shows but rest is free)
Temple Square
Benjamin Farms Tour
Great Salt Lake State Park
International Peace Gardens
City Creek Canyon
Gilgal Sculpture Garden
Jordan River Parkway
Sugarhouse Park
Topaz Mountain Rockhounding
Utah Olympic Park
Hiking in the Wasatch Mountains
Story Time at Local Libraries
Fort Douglas Military Museum
Pioneer Memorial Museum
Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Cauldren
Church History Museum
Family History Library

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remove Car Window Tint Stickiness

So, to get our car to pass inspection they told us we needed to remove the tint on our driver and passengar windows.  We bought the car in one state and the state we are in now thinks the tint is too much.  So the hubby went out with a razor blade and removed the tint in a few minutes.  We thought, "Well that was easy!" and went on our merry way.  We then discovered that our windows were incredibly sticky!  So much so that we couldn't even open them... which is a problem- especially at toll booths...

After trying a ton of ideas that we found online that involved everything from ammonia to hair dryers we finally found something that worked like a charm!

All you need is some Windex and an S.O.S. pad and you're set!  Spray a little Windex and begin rubbing with the pad and it will come off wonderfully and in a lot less time then the other methods that we found. Good luck!