Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remove Car Window Tint Stickiness

So, to get our car to pass inspection they told us we needed to remove the tint on our driver and passengar windows.  We bought the car in one state and the state we are in now thinks the tint is too much.  So the hubby went out with a razor blade and removed the tint in a few minutes.  We thought, "Well that was easy!" and went on our merry way.  We then discovered that our windows were incredibly sticky!  So much so that we couldn't even open them... which is a problem- especially at toll booths...

After trying a ton of ideas that we found online that involved everything from ammonia to hair dryers we finally found something that worked like a charm!

All you need is some Windex and an S.O.S. pad and you're set!  Spray a little Windex and begin rubbing with the pad and it will come off wonderfully and in a lot less time then the other methods that we found. Good luck!

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