Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saving Money and Loving It!!!

So, I just wanted to drop a quick note and say how much I'm in love with the whole saving money thing. I've always considered myself a savvy shopper, but until recently have never really explored all the ways to actually save money. I'm finally cutting coupons and using them and I've also started taking a little more time to find coupon codes or other ways to save before I buy. I'm astounded by my success in just one week of actually trying!

Case 1: The grocery store. I planned ahead, cut coupons, looked at the weekly ads and bought only what was on sale, and did the "buy 10 certain items and save $5" thing. Results: $66 dollars of groceries- saved $29- total $37.

Case 2: Online shopping. I waited until the amazing swimsuit that I wanted went onto clearance. I then only decided to get it during the 4th of July "take an extra 10-30% off" sale was on. I got a friend to split shipping/tax with and I used a $10 off code that I had. I then found another code online and plugged it in for a 5% discount. Finally I joined their club (free) and received an extra little discount (and will receive future coupon codes). Results: $58 top/bottom swimsuit- saved $44- total $14.

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